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meta/overview: What? Why? How?

One important thing about the future is that it has not happened yet - it can be changed by us to the worse or the better. In general, setting distinct goals and planning their realization is a good first step in preventing unwanted scenarios from happening. This is no different for the future of mankind as a whole - so we better come up with a plan how billions of individuals can share a planet as living room while having fun at it.

The mission of the HFOPI is just about what its name says: drafting a plan to optimize our future life. That includes minimizing the risks (man-made or external) we will have to face aswell as getting the most out of limited resources, which is only possible by adapting our very own code of conduct.
The idea how to approach this enormous quest is simple: draft a detailed concept for an alternative world governance system, involve as many people as possible in the refining of the details and algorithms, then implement and establish it. Utilizing modern means of communication, we should be able to accomplish this in less than probably 10 years (let's not be pessimistic here).

details/initial draft: specific issues & proposals

core notions of the current concept:

  • - define rationality (= efficiency + human rights + felicific calculus) as most important human value
  • - monetary countertrade superseded by global resource allocation according to demands and reason
  • - unlimited cooperation rather than limiting competition (always produces people not belonging to the winning group, only sane place for competition: sports and board games)
  • - elimination of intellectual property: no more patents nor copyright
  • - principle of power replaced by voluntary acceptance of responsibility
  • - informed consensus solely based on facts and sober reasoning as opposed to flawed political compromises
  • - opportunities for fine grained public involvement in decisions instead of undifferentiated democratic elections
  • - optimization (automation and rationalization) of work flows and (production a.o.) processes as feasible
  • - invest freed human capacity in culture, sports, proliferation of traditional craftsmanship, education, space exploration, scientific research, social care, more sleep...

What is the Human Future Optimization Project International?

  • right now, mostly an idea. work in progress.
  • a project to connect people who want to actively shape the future

What are the goals of the project?

  • to create a detailed concept for a new friendlier world order
  • to draft and implement new governance and management procedures
  • to attract and convince enough human beings (>=50%) to democratically switch to a system built to work

Why are those goals so important?

  • a sane common goal for all mankind: unite in peace and prosperity
  • it is a chance for everyone to share from his experience and contribute his own visions, (provided they do not collide with common sense)
  • a way to stop complaining and suffering, actually start doing something about it and turn things to the positive
  • an exit strategy for a totally broken society /* ? */

Why go for revolution instead of evolution?

  • many of the huge problems we are facing are immanent to the core of the current political system
  • to design a robust social system that minimizes damage from human weaknesses and propagate our strengths fresh from the start
  • to give all people on earth access to clean water, sanitation and education QUICK
  • to minimize emotional suffering as soon as possible
  • to prepare mankind for the great challenges ahead

Why should we do it?

  • because we can still shape the future - only not trying makes it impossible
  • because we can make the world more pleasant and less degrading for all of us
  • no more phone bills, tax declarations, spam, phishing
  • because we OWE it to our ancestors and our descendants (who will feel very 'disappointed' about us if we ruin their future lives)
  • because if there was a god, he would definitely appreciate more reasonable approaches to protect his creation and avoid doom

What's the idea?

First, as intelligent beings, we need to agree on a certain set of assumptions:

  • god and religion left aside, the universe and everything in it seem to serve no proper purpose. we come into this world with neither manual nor clear directions - the meaning of life is a decision, not an answer to a question.
  • experience shows: sober factual reasoning is the most sensible approach to make decisions in any given situation
  • all human men and women are of the same bioform. therefor there is no difference in capabilities, whatever the outer representation might be
  • most people share the same basic needs and personal ambitions, among others peace and social integration
  • by moral definition, any one person counts as one person, small or tall, slim or fat, disabled, sick, young or old
  • if we combine our potential and work together instead of competing and fighting each against all everybody but very few would have a better life. those few are part of the current problem.
  • because of technological progress and issues such as climate change and general pollution of our home planet we really have no choice but to work together as closely as possible
  • also because of technology (pervasive computing, sensor networks, AI controlled robotic systems), in the future it will be possible to automate more and more production processes reducing demand for human labour considerably (= up to 90\% in the highly industrialized countries - politicians today do not dare to even think about this, as it would crash any conventional concept of social system)

So with this understanding, we can try and evaluate some of the issues with our current form of civilisation:

  • humans are malfunctioning everywhere; nevertheless very rarely a culture of sensibly managing errors and preventing recurrence is actively exerted
  • decline of civil values like courage, modesty and ambition seem to be inherently connected to progressing commercialisation and ubiquitous consumer advertising in the sake of individualism
  • because the current system of countertrade economy has evolved over millennia
    • people are deeply involved and accustomed to it
    • most can and do not imagine a different way of life and thus accept their "unchangeable fate"
    • it is as it always was - broken and corrupted
  • while money ideally could be a neutral tool to encourage people to work and enable them to exchange their products and receive a fair return for their efforts, in reality it does not work that simple.
  • the money is not going where it should. instead it is wasted and used with damage to society because of lacking responsibility for people and environment
  • too much money is spent on stuff undermining any human virtues
  • greedy individuals acting in a free market are unlikely to predominantly act serving the public good
  • the very foundation of capitalism is greed and reckless competition; crime, fraud and corruption are only logical consequences. calling it social market economy does not help much.
  • current political systems absolutely no concept how to deal with saturated markets, 'unemployment' rates of more than 50\% and accumulating social impasses


  • must be acceptable to all groups and individuals in society (fairness)
  • agree on a common definition of rationality:
    • (resource) efficiency
    • adherence to human rights \& respect for individual dignity\\
    • maximize felicific calculus (Glücksbilanz)
  • establish reasonable behaviour in practice: ratio as highest norm value
    for all intelligent beings
  • accept the need for global sharing and cooperation before personal interests
  • redefine government as dynamical and integral component of population as opposed to a secluded cast of powerful rich people
  • establish a new regime for production and distribution of resources (energy, goods and services) that is engineered to work without money and use technology to the fullest extent reasonable
  • develop concepts how to feed, accommodate and employ billions of people
  • implement rules and tools for legislation and civic participation
  • fill the gained free space in peoples life with education, sports, creative engagement, social endeavors and other challenges to keep men busy

How would the transition be made?

  • attract more and more individuals to support and contribute to project
  • optimize and refine the details by integrating knowledge and experience from any direction
  • really go public: start debate in media, make mankind discuss this
  • involve the United Nations framework
  • elaborate
    • education guidelines, methods and materials with respect to regional specifics
    • exact rules and regulations for general decision making process (informed consensus based on facts and reasoning)
    • a simple and efficient legal system designed to minimize criminal behaviour and punish crimes in a productive way (physical work and therapy)
    • particulars for rewarding commitment and dedication to society
  • implement (software, processes, logistics) then test!
  • by 2014: democratic referendum in all countries all over the world

The following proposals outline the framework of a society designed to

  • promote all positive aspects of humanity and fight the dark side
  • be stable and fault tolerant
  • provide solutions for issues society has now or is about to come up with.

While some of them draft a fundamentally different approach to key topics like trade, politics and logistics to what we have now, others are well in continuity with traditional values or just streamlined renditions of established code of conduct. Most of them are relatively independent from each other and all need to be revised by experts on the specific subjects. Thus, any critical contribution is highly encouraged.
The buzzword is algorithmic meta government: implement efficient standard procedures for organizing resources and making rational decisions with democratic participation.

requirements & goal projections unsorted

a government system needs to
- provide people with
- food and water
- sanitation
- waste disposal and recycling facilities
- energy
- set up and correct laws and rules
- maintain public order and stability
- prevent and prosecute crime
- protect sites of cultural heritage

the internet
- the connection between all man-made things
- an IPv6 grid
- robust and performant
- redundant data storage and global accessibility to all non-private content ever published
- all public data in standard formats with machine readable (XML-) meta information\footnote{enabling f.e. automated agents ('intelligent' data packets collecting information) to search and interpret any content}

the whole population has to
- work enough so that all work gets done
- decide about policies
- share the available as reasonable as possible
- protect itself from potential external threats (terrestrial environment, asteroid crash, hostile extraterrestrial intelligent life)
- form a global team!

production sector
- ecological efficiency as replacement target for monetary profit
- abolition of intellectual property enables total exchange of experience in manufacturing and technology
- rationalize fabrication, introduce (robotic) automation very technically rational
- instead of cheap produce only quality goods: optimize processes and quality assurance
- supply consumer with product information instead of marketing (-> NO MORE SPAM!!!)

agricultural sector
- topmost goals: highest quality food with *no* environmental damage and optimal resource usage
- prevent loss of variants by collecting their DNA into seed pools
- in parts switch to mass-scale fully-automated growing 'factories'
- only introduce genetically modified lifeforms under very strict regulation and safety observations
- no patents on genes: stop producing infertile seeds and support traditional small farming culture

any adult person can
- work, giving them a bonus star
- educate himself

any family gets all support needed to raise children:
- space to live: adequate housing
- parental education and personal assistance by medical professionals
- freedom to choose doing a job or be with the kids with social support with both
- locations to go: spielplatze, (fun) parks, tours, gardens

education system
- teach logical, creative and social thinking and traditional virtues instead of data facts
- regular communication (congresses, virtual) to bring together teachers, kinder gardeners, sociologists and neuro scientists
- translate, optimize and share all available material
- after kinder garden, primary school with emphasis on nature and science
- from ~9 to ~19 public residential schools, from 16 up practical training and internships

anyone younger then 20
- gets best education possible
- is progressively prevented from doing any drugs (20 year old human brains that have no drug experience should become the norm to cut down on ever-increasing drug addiction rates): consequently prosecute underage drug users (!) and the suppliers


A tyranny like all the rest.

A tyranny like all the rest. I will not rule and ruled I will not be.

Maybe the term "minor"

Maybe the term "minor" should not be used and instead the term "Under 20 years of age" to avoid confusion, because "minor" infers that we are somehow inferior to adults.


Yeah, you're right. And i like the conception of Hfopi.

Reconsider the position on

Reconsider the position on drugs. Alcohol is a drug. You don't want to outlaw alcohol. Have honest discussion on drugs and don't make them so illegal that they are more interesting than they should be.

Over all, I love the group's attitude of social engineering for a system that works for total group happiness. I do NOT believe that money and untrustworthy market bring the most happiness. There too much ripping off rather than fair open honest trades.


Re: Reconsider the position on

Why dont we wanna outlaw alcohol? Its costing society enormous amounts of money, all the injuries caused by alcohol, all the violence connected to violence and so on and so on.. Its a big step to take and I think that it might be unwise to do it in the early stadies of the project and I think it will be a quite long process, but I see no place for something as destructive as alcohol in my utopia.

Maybe not..?

Not all potential risky things neither can nor should be completely forbidden. For one, there must be a certain degree of freedom for people to decide their own ways of enjoying life. Secondly, alcohol is a substance with a long tradition in human civilization, just as tobacco or ‘magic’ mushrooms for that matter. They also do have a social function and, while harmful if regularly consumed as addictive drug, a reasonable handling of those is much more realistic than a totally drug-free society.

However, great caution must be taken to minimize drug exposure to underages, for their brain circuitry is most vulnerable to the addictive power. There are better concepts for them to hardwire into their core consciousness, virtues like love, curiosity, ambition and creativity which can give a much more sustainable emotional high than chemical shortcuts. When they have done so for about twenty years, they will be more stable characters and thus be better equipped to resist drug abuse.

The Quintessence of Men...?

Reading "The Road to Serfdom" right now. Everything on this page has been refuted generations ago by the great 19th Century liberals.

Who are we to regulate society and institute "planning"-no matter how well intentioned? How do can we possibly explain that the antidote to risk and scarcity is the arrival of a cohort of benefactors? We can't.

All utopias are doomed to fail. Self interest is hard-wired into our DNA and no pamphlet of inspired rhetoric will change that painful fact.

I'm sorry, but this project is a waste of time.

So how do you reprogram self

So how do you reprogram self interest so that it's directed towards rational ends?

I don't think you have to change peoples nature, you just have to make laws which speak to their nature. Money is a simple behavior modification technology, and the tax system is how the government controls the behavior of the masses.

The government currently does not care if people are good, thats why the good people pay the high taxes. Perhaps if the benefactors paid no taxes at all, and were made rich, then there would be changes.

The only way to have changes is to make good people rich, and reward goodness with wealth, and punish badness with poverty. And this has to be as absolute as gravity. One idea is to let us buy stock in artists,athletes, etc, that way if we have a celebrity who is not being a good role model, we can sell all our shares. At the same time a celebrity who is a good role model, we will buy more shares, and they'll be worth more as an artist, whether they sell cds or not, we'd be buying them as a role model.

You then expand that model into various other professions and you have a movement.

And ?

Carl Simon: so we just accept it and watch ?
No, let's try to change that. Doing nothing would be magnitudes worse.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."


Sorry, I got to "principle of power replaced by volutary acceptance of responsibility" and stopped reading. The human filth that inhabits this world will never accept cause and effect. They will never accept responsibility for their actions. You are deluded idealists. But... at least you have ideals, and think about the future. If you had the money, people would sell themselves to your new world order, plainly because they are too stupid to recognize the span of time that is the rest of their lives.

Improbability does not equal Impossibility...

The human filth that inhabits this world will never accept cause and effect. They will never accept responsibility for their actions.

That may well be, yet does not necessarily mean the human bioform itself is incapable of doing so. Rather the current forms of society tend to fail at developing these skills in the infants that are brought up in their realms. Traditional native indian cultures for example performed much better in matters of responsible behaviour. This generation probably can not be ‘fixed’, but if the right decisions are taken now, the next one will be able to perform slightly better.

I'm no idealist.

I'm a realist with ideals.

You should pay good people for being good. You should tax destructive irresponsible people.

If you are a good person, doing good things, with no criminal record, no violent history, and are a good role model, you shouldn't have to pay any taxes beyond consumption taxes. If however you are a convicted sex offender or violent criminal, you should pay an income tax.

Beyond that, you use the computer technology to individualize the tax code to reprogram human behavior into a range that is acceptable.

Being a good person should make you rich, if it doesn't, then why would anyone want to be good and poor? Fix the system so that it's easiest to get rich by being good, and peoples behavior will change.

Etre, ou ne pas etre?

The realist in me is saying "BS".
I can see myself supporting your cause, if it were stronger.
Besides that, what do you feel about prostitution? I am interested in what the sexual mores of your ideal society would be.

Oops. Anyway, the realist

Oops. Anyway, the realist wrote my first response to your plan. But... You want to re-engineer society? The idealist in me says "let's do it". So, I'm torn between the part that says it can't be done so don't bother, and the part that says let's try. It's like the saying: "the power to heal, the power to harm, the burden of choice." So what is your answer to my query? I'm a big pervert and just want to know.


Yeah I'm sorry, accidently edited your message instead of replying and could not recover it fully, not even from my browsers raw memory dump. And I almost did it again, how stupid. I have to set something up to be able to revert ANY change to this site.. anyways, here's the reply:

The realist in me is saying “BS”.

That's your weaker self, telling you there is no way to circumvent the inevitable, so nothing to gain in trying.

I can see myself supporting your cause, if it were stronger.

I can see our cause suceed, if only there was stronger support. Or shall we give up straight away?

Besides that, what do you feel about prostitution?

Prostitution is sold sex. If there's no universal transferable means of trade, noone can sell anything, only share or give away for free. At the same time, the right to private property is not repealed – you do still own your stuff, but are encouraged to use it in a way that maximizes the common benefits. So if you want to give your body away for free – sure, whatever.. There will be public matchmaking services to help with such needs (and others).

I am interested in what the sexual mores of your ideal society would be.

No restrictions, except keep it away from public space so as not to offend religious feelings and interfer with children's growing-up. Don't tell them that it's all about sex too early – they will find out soon enough.

Can't work..

Even a setup like you propose would almost certainly require "leaders" of some sort, only now on a global scale. I have no doubt that even more power (global) will corrupt even more. We will end up with just a different more organized form of tyranny. We will still end up having greedy rich scum in our midst, and they will probably maneuver themselves into leadership positions in your new Utopia anyway.

The desire to govern and control other people, and to force ones will on others, should be classified as a mental illness. The only cure for such an illness would be death I would think. Those who desire power and control are sick, but probably cannot be cured.

I want no government involvement in my life. Not the current structure of governments, and not your global government either. You will not force your will on me, and if you (or anyone else) try I assure you that you will not be successful.

Also.. The Soviet Union already tried your experiment. It failed.

never misunderestimate potentiality

Even a setup like you propose would almost certainly require “leaders” of some sort, only now on a global scale. I have no doubt that even more power (global) will corrupt even more.

Misunderstanding. One important step to this new world governance system is to replace the principal of ‘power’ with ‘volunteers sharing responsibility’. Power indeed does corrupt and thus is a concept of the past.

We will end up with just a different more organized form of tyranny.

The tyranny of fraternity, creative liberty and peace. Very scary.

We will still end up having greedy rich scum in our midst, and they will probably maneuver themselves into leadership positions in your new Utopia anyway.

To avoid that, there will be neither an universally transferable currency of exchange, nor concentration of power. The only way to gain material luxury is through commitment for society, be that regular, creative or social work. If you truthfully deserve it, you can have your Rolls Royce. Scamming people does not lead there however. A society once vaccinated with a true sense of rationality can be corrupted never again.

The desire to govern and control other people, and to force ones will on others, should be classified as a mental illness.

Who said anything about control or cutting down on personal freedom? Nevertheless the system has to be constructed in a way to multiply human virtues while minimizing harm from human weaknesses. A lot positive can be done without restricting people – by disarming them, teaching them how to work in a team, putting commercial TV off air, providing opportunities for education and socializing, building fun parks and sport stadiums…

I want no government involvement in my life. Not the current structure of governments, and not your global government either.

In the future, government will be no secluded cast of rich people holding power. It will be all of us together taking responsibility, contributing ideas and opinion, proposing changes and covering up problems. No corruption, no misuse of power, no political compromises.

You will not force your will on me, and if you (or anyone else) try I assure you that you will not be successful.

Democracy means decision by majority vote. The goal is to convince everybody and get them involved enthusiastically, not to force anyone. However, in the end the minority which can not be convinced will not have many options but to accept the change. (By the way, this is not about you. Presumably you do have access to enough food, fresh water, sanitation and even electricity. If everyone was in your situation and could afford the ‘bliss’ of ignorance, why would we need to change anything.)

Also.. The Soviet Union already tried your experiment. It failed.

We need a system that is way more sophisticated then communism/socialism or, for that matter, any other. We need to combine the advantages and strengths of all different kinds of society into one alternative plan, then make that come true. That's what this project is all about.

Healthcare - glaring absence

A government system needs to provide free healthcare to all.
Its basic felicific calculus. Perhaps you have never been sick?

Controlling chemical input for <20 years to this degree is draconian. Loosen this and you will get bigger buy in across the board.

True democracy (never seen before in large governments) is possible through the internet. Decisions and leadership can finally reach true consensus. You mention to automate the world's machines, but please be explicit about leadership.

Peace and Thanks


A government system needs to provide free healthcare to all.

Its basic felicific calculus. Forgot to explicitly mention that, you are of course totally right.

Controlling chemical input for <20 years to this degree is draconian. Loosen this and you will get bigger buy in across the board

These are all initial proposals, each of which is open for discussion. However the root of most problems with drug misuse is tasting it (even only once) while the brain is still developing. A society should no need mood enhancers and stimulants. Still, adults should be able to decide themselves, but very strict regulation can prevent many of todays problems with drugs. And even with strict regulation, minor incidents of intoxicated children will occur, which is perfectly tolerable. No daily blood samples in school, no night vision cameras in parks.

You mention to automate the world's machines, but please be explicit about leadership.

Reason should hold leadership, not any single person. The system as culmination of all contributed positive input should be able to run itself once set up.. Free / Open Source Software demonstrates nicely what can be achieved through teamwork.


The issues you put forward have been previuosly soundly adressed and universally rejected by mankind. Man is self centered and does not want solutions that are not equally self centered. In other words…me first. PRIDE!

You want to change the world? Start by giving credit where it is due… to the Creator that mankind has rejected. Accept His truth and His rule over your life. Acceptance of responsibility equals repentance, The Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount were ALL given for our benefit and will produce your stated goals if adhered to.

One important point is that this is by personal choice. Freedom of individual will is a God given right. It is a God respected right as well. He does not force belief nor compliance, but does warn us of the consequences of our actions. Our messed up world is the result of our actions. Our actions are the result of rejecting truth and the Creator who is the source of truth.

Your proposals will not work because they are just another attempt to force a set of universal restrictions on the general population. The only difference is the so-called 50 % majority becomes the dictator. The closest thing to true functional liberty that benefits everyone is a constitutional republic. However, this only works where personal responsbility is accepted and reasonable rules are followed. One look at the United States proves that even this utterly fails apart from recognizing the Creator. The founders of the United States recognized that, and in modern times WE have thrown it all away by embracing humanism and removing God.

The choices have always been tyranny under man or true freedom under God. If you leave God out of your solution.....you will have no solution. Just about now you are probably angry and reject everything I have said, which proves my point. Jesus Christ came for the purpose of fixing the very issues you express, yet we refuse to really hear what He had to say. So called religion has perverted everything He said in order to obtain selfish goals. Government corrupts everything for selfish goals. Individuals corrupt everything and do not accept personal responsibility for…yep you guessed it…selfish goals.

Fixing the problem requires replacing our sin nature with His sinless nature. If you want the solution for any broken device you go to the manufacturer. If you really want to fix our broken society, society must go to the Creator. The Bible is the user manual by the way. If you reject it, you really don't want the solution for fixing the world. Your Utopia will come, but only after Christ returns to rule. I know how it ends already…I've read the Book.

Do something

This is why you have to trick the sinner into becoming a saint. How? You work with greed to channel greed into positive energy.

Greed is a neutral energy source of change. You can use the power of greed to fuel the engine of change if you understand the mechanisms upon which greed acts upon in the human brain. This requires some knowledge of neuro-science, and this means neuro-politics, neuro-economics, and a government based on the latest discoveries in brain science and not just guesswork.

We know WHY people are greedy, it's in their brains. We know greed is merely an addiction, and all addictions can be exploited for positive or negative depending on how you direct the greedhead population. Jesus channeled compassion, but Jesus was unable to figure out how to channel greed. The scientific/rational approach is to channel all human emotions toward the same set goals. The government should figure out and design different currencies to target the different brain types.

Some people will do good work because they are addicted to winning stuff, these are the greed heads, and they tend to like to gamble and make money. Some people like drugs, these people will do good work for a high. Some people like to work for God, these people will do good work for their faith.

We are all differet, but theres a set number of emotions, and the ultimate solution in my opinion is a completely redesigned currency, or even a new breed of currency on top of the old one. If you don't want greed to be out of control, build a better currency that works.

A good start...

A good start to dealing with _fact_ is to get rid of religion and its involvement in politics.

why not rather...

..get rid of politics and bring together all religions in tolerance and exchange?

We need religion more than politics.

I really don't see a purpose behind politics beyond mere Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. Politics ultimately lead to totalitarianism because most people involved in politics are authoritarians, not artists or philosophers, or scientists, but people who like power and who like to use that power to tell everyone else how to live their lives. Basically, politicians want to run our lives, and their supporters want them to pass laws to control the masses, thats what it's all about, and thats what government does.

So if government is all about controlling human behavior, figure out how to make that work without completely going totalitarian and removing all freedom from all people. And the way I see to do this, is through the tax reform strategy. People will still have the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they aren't harming anyone else. I'm basically a libertarian socialist, I don't believe in victimless crimes.

The problem is, the current governments do believe in victimless crimes. You can be charged and made into a criminal for crimes like prostitution and gambling, or for having an unlicensed gun. From here you have the FCC which wants to censor what we can watch on TV or do on the net. And theres the FDA which wants to control what we put into our bodies, to the point where the government wants to tell us why we cannot use steroids. It's even to the point now, where we literally have thought crimes, crimes such as those which restrict your ability to freely express your thoughts through words, syntax or numbers, such as the illegal numbers, the illegal primes, the DeCSS source code, or just arresting people for downloading stuff they shouldnt download, or seeing or listening to stuff they ought not to see or listen to.

Technologically speaking, it's only a matter of time before government has the power to scan thoughts and monitor thoughts in the same way it monitors the internet. And when that happens?

And thats why I say we need a libertarian approach to securing the future. Because life would suck and probably not be worth living if you lose freedom of thought. We need cognitive liberty to have any possible quality of life. And the libertarian perspective is the only perspective which would secure cognitive liberty. All the other perspectives, be it communism, fascism, liberalism or conservatism, red or blue, left or right, green, purple, whatever, the trend is still toward the removal of personal freedom for the sake of protecting the state, or the corporation, or some other vague concept.

My opinions are mine, so don't take anything I say as fact, or too seriously, it's just an opinion. I just thought I'd chime in.

You are 100% correct.

You are 100% correct.

A few ideas

A few ideas.

  1. Money should be spiritual, perhaps we need a faith note currency alongside with the greed currency for people who aren't greedy.
  2. Good people should help each other, therefore it must be easier for good people to get rich, and we can start by removing the income tax from all good responsible people and shifting the taxes to irresponsible people. Crime should result in higher tax rate,(tax violent crime) and taxes should be individualized as a form of behavior modification.(search google for behavior modification & taxes). A model citizen should pay no taxes at all, and a corrupt irresponsible citizen should pay very high taxes. We can use a karma based taxing system.
  3. We need new breeds of corporations. For profit entities which don't pay taxes but which follow a social agenda, combining the best of the non-profit with the best of the for profit to create the social corporation.
  4. We need a hollywood stock exchange, a stock exchange for games, music, and for artists and actors. I want to be able to buy stock in my favorite artist and profit when their album sells. I want to be able to buy stock in my favorite actors, or in films. This would encourage growth of the arts.

about taxes

“A model citizen should pay no taxes at all, and a corrupt irresponsible citizen should pay very high taxes.”

Doesn't it give the idea of “buying” the right to be irresponsible?

Everything in society worth anything has a value

Exactly. Irresponsibility must have a cost if it's to matter to society at all. It's similar to the climate change problems, if you don't put a cost to price on carbon, or a price or value on the commons, then by default it will have no value.

So thats exactly the idea I'm promoting. I'm promoting the right to buy irresponsibility and sell responsibility. And if you are irresponsible and rich, then it's gotta cost something otherwise, it will force the poor, and everyone else in between to pay for the damages caused by your irresponsibility.

The same with a corporation that destroys the environment, say if a corporation pollutes and destroys the water supply in such a way that millions of people get sick. If you just tell the corporation “Hey Mr. Corporation, you know, it's morally wrong for you to pollute the water, we need that for the survival of the human race!!” Mr. Corporation will respond with something like “Well, whats clean water worth to you? All I care about is maximizing my own profitability, not the long term survival strategy of the species, or the welfare of planet earth.”

So you see? You have to give responsibility a value, by rewarding it, if you want society to value it. Because just expecting each individual to commit to some moral duty, is ridiculously naive, to the point of being silly. In economics, we have the concept of externalities, everything that matters to society has a price, and that price is the deciding factor in the worth of whatever commodity, individual, natural resource, or anything else.

So to sum it all up, when you don't put a value on responsibility, then you don't really believe in promoting responsibility, and if you don't really believe in promoting it, then you can expect to see society disregard all forms of responsibility for the sake of short term gain.

If you want to know the exact line of thinking, it's “I'll do whatever it takes to win control of the now, and the consequences to myself, the world, or to anyone else, simply does not matter as long as I win control of the now. I must control because I'm a winner.”

The problem with this thinking is, sometimes winning the now means losing tomorrow. And just as corporations have no long term memory, or long term strategy, focused just on maximizing profits in small 3 or 6 month periods, the majority of humans are the same way, living one day at a time, without a care in the world, they simply do not care about the future, or the consequences of their actions, because they don't FEEL the consequences of their actions.

You're job if you want to accomplish anything, is to speak the language of reason, the language of common sense,(irresponsibility is expensive) not simply speak to other idealists and hippies. Hopefully my reasoning makes sense, but if not, well, give it some serious thought.

And as far as dealing with

And as far as dealing with people and herding the masses, it's very simple. Taxes are a behavior modification technology, you reward good behavior with lower taxes and punish bad behavior with higher taxes. The result will be, if a person wants to destroy the planet, they'll pay the highest taxes to pay for their destructiveness. The people will then want to save the planet because it will simply be more profitable than destroying it.

You want to end violence? Tax violence. If a person gets convicted of assault they should have a different tax status. Use the technology to individualize the tax system so that the most destructive/violent people are paying the highest taxes. Use the technology to assist lawmakers into making the best laws scientifically, so they don't have to rely on their emotions.

Some software which can map out the cause and effects of different law in a sort of legal simulator would be a start. We can assume in the simulator that all people are defined by the worst and most selfish among us, so they'll always be greedy and hateful, and from there you can input different changes in the tax code to see where greed will guide the lemmings. The simulator an other software can then be sold to lawmakers, and to children in the form of games.


The result will be, if a person wants to destroy the planet, they'll pay the highest taxes to pay for their destructiveness.

If someone is that destructive, who will make him pay?

That's simple

Another destructive person who will destroy the destructive person who wont pay.

Once again, money works wonders. You can pay a person to be a cop, to enforce laws, and to destroy those who try to destroy the world. It's not hard. We already have an IRS. We have an FBI. We have a CIA. Sure these agencies might be corrupt, but we have agencies. We have police, and government, and the primary job of government is national security.

Just because someone wants to destroy the planet, it doesn't mean we should all stand back, and let that person do it. Of course there will be people who's job will be to defend the planet from terrorists, and people who will, as a life mission, exist to save the world from humanities self destructive tendencies. Whether or not you and others will choose to pay these defenders of the planet is your decision, because it's your money, but without your labor and your money, the planet cannot be destroyed or defended, so ultimately there is still a level of democracy on the level of force distribution. We all choose to pay taxes to the government and we choose to allow the situations that we see.

It's never a situation where any one individual is unstoppable, it's always a situation where there's a few really corrupt individuals surrounded by and funded by a bunch of naive good people who, basically just pay up and pretend not to see anything. But these people still ultimately decide who they work for, and who they pay.

God should be in the

God should be in the solution, however the solution is to make two forms of money which are interchangeable. Spiritual wealth, which can only be earth through a form of faithnote, given to selected role models, model citizens, celebrities, and these notes enhance the value of their money.

Example, you're a father who put all your kids through college, you stayed married, you spend your entire life doing community service, volunteer work for charity, you worked for all sorts of social corporations. Well you should be paid for your community service in faith notes, these are notes which come from the church. If a person is spiritually wealthy, then they can for example be given special freedoms. privileges, credit, or priority, they can also use these faith notes to invest in people through a universalist stock exchange. If the person they invest in gets rich, they should receive a share of that persons success. This allows faith notes to become REAL money, it motivates people do to volunteer work and to be morally upright to earn the ability to invest in people and convert faith in persons into traditional wealth.

Under this system, the person who is spiritually upright will be in a position to profit off the success of others through investments of faith. Faith would be enough to get a person started.

The key to any success in any change to the system, is to help humans have faith in one another, and to invest in the success of their neighbors. Only through investing in HUMANs can you have change at all, and so you'd need a human stock exchange.

Posative Discrimination

First : Your efforts are laudable. Keep Going.

The issue: The world is not a fair and equal place. There are have and have not nations/nationalities.

1) This situation has come about though a 500 year history of conquest, colonialism and imperialism, that subverted the natural development process of many economies now termed the “third world”. See (for instance) :
a) Guns, Germs and Steel – Jarred Diamond
b) Year 501: The conquest continues – Noam Chomsky
c) A peoples history of United States – Howard Zen

2) One can not establish a democratic society by treating unequals as equals. In other words in an unequal world some form of “posative discrimination” MUST be practiced till such time, such distinctions are eliminated.

What do you propose, for such forms of “posative discrimination” that could make the world an equal place ?

What data exists, to substantiate these claims ?

Could we have a peaceful, harmonious, efficient, and progressive world order without solving this problem ? Could the derogatory sterotypes of poorer nations and colored people, that pervades western culture and to this day is disseminated in their “classic” texts, be eliminated ? I am sure the problem is largely economic in origin but things like stereotypes have a life of their own despite economic changes.

I hope you will consider this issue as part of your larger efforts too.


then we have to take action and make it so.

The world is not a fair and equal place.

That is going to change. We are going to change it.

What do you propose, for such forms of “posative discrimination” that could make the world an equal place ?

  1. not repeat mistakes of history: abolish only money and land ownership, not the right to private property in general
  2. teach kids sharing is more fun and overall gives better results
  3. encourage people to extraordinary commitment by rewarding them with luxurary goods/VIP services (only) for devotion to the common good (which includes f.e. culture just aswell as space research)

What data exists, to substantiate these claims ?

None, only thoughts. In an ideal world, money would reward people for actions that benefit society. In reality, money opens up too much space for crime, corruption and envy. Thus it would be advisable to introduce a new system for resource management, production of goods and rewarding workers that is designed to show better performance ( ⇒ felicific calculus) in a real world.

Could we have a peaceful, harmonious, efficient, and progressive world order without solving this problem ?

No. We need to give people room to differ from one another, at the same time teach them respect and tolerance. Important step to realize this is to take competition out of the cultural and work life as much as possible. There is one place for competition, it is called ‘sports’.

Could the derogatory sterotypes of poorer nations and colored people, that pervades western culture and to this day is disseminated in their “classic” texts, be eliminated ?

Yes, if our generation decides to teach not prejudice but fact to our children. If all peoples unite in forgiveness and humility. If we do not fail to see our part of the responsibility for the problems. If we really try.

I am sure the problem is largely economic in origin but things like stereotypes have a life of their own despite economic changes.

It seems that any free market economy creates antisocial a******s out of intelligent human beings, that might play a role in the prevalence of bad prejudices. It might also be connected to the fact that people corrupted by the strive for power sow mischief and distrust by means of fear and lies.

you should read some evolutionary psychology

You should really read Blank Slate by Steven Pinker. Then you'll know why am I so skeptical about all those improving the world schemes. Although I am not necessarily as pessimistic as Pinker I don't think that anything like a new world order is likely to succeed, at least not anytime soon.

I don't the least bit fancy living in your world...

…luckily for me, your ideas are completely unworkable.

good idea but...

I agree with this idea entirely , however in order to work , everyone in the world needs to be rational , compassionate and tolerant of other people . Unfortunately the aforementioned people group are the minority. The project needs to make it's first priority changing peoples attitudes towards other people , so that they are more like us . I fear that humans as a species have been bio-engineered by evolution to only be compassionate towards blood relatives.

society creates personalities...

The state in which every person in the world is acting rational, compassionate and tolerant is very much out of reach. However, the society in which a person is born and brought up shapes its thinking, and thus its character. The problem right now is that we have a society that actively promotes selfishness and intolerance because it is one of competition. Only when the human race overcomes this mentality and decides to recreate its society we will be able to minimize the impact of human weaknesses. Those will never go away, but we need a society that deals with them in a creative way while at the same time encouraging all the positive human abilities present in everyone.

I fear that humans as a species have been bio-engineered by evolution to only be compassionate towards blood relatives.

Even if this may seem an obvious truth, there are many counter-examples, even among animals. It is our freedom to choose, but the world that surrounds us has a great influence on our decision. To survive in an hostile environment the only pragmatic way is to be ready for (counter-)aggression. Let us change our social environment to be more friendly – and we ourselves will have a chance to become better human beings.


Even if we can change people's mindsets to this radical way of thinking simply by changing their environment , this raises the further question of how to implement this environment. Convincing the tyrants and warlords governing third world countries to switch to this form of government is unlikely to work . Convincing rival religions to work together for the greater good of all humanity is also unlikely to work.

Also just out of interest will this future government have police and a military? , how will it deal with dissidents?

The comment “The project

The comment “The project needs to make it's first priority changing peoples attitudes towards other people , so that they are more like us” is the primary reason I'm a God abiding person. Sorry to say, it will never happen without someone forcing us to do it and those that will listen will have a much better outcome.

Ten Commandments

I think the Ten Commandments, as disclosed in the Bible, should cover it quite well!

If everyone would adhere to such morals we would certainly eliminate most of our problems!

ideas, ideas, ideas

economic, technological, cultural, metaphysical…

mix them up, have a vote. form a semantic “webring” with similar sites. Then move from sites to mobiles and UMPCs. Then to ebook readers and podcasts all over the world.

democracy with right to callback. referendum not representative – e-voting. medals of honour for civil servants. publicly felicitate dutiful govt servants – mkae that a standard social norm.

make a HUGE site to write the world's future, based on the world's history. Make a strategy GAME – MMPORG – to shape the world in virtuality. Simply put, FreeCiv++ on steroids, on Second Life !

Make good reputations on Virtual worlds mandatory for real govt posts! Aggregators to dissipate all past statements of all future leaders. They track us, we track them.

Many more freerice.com clones

Stop or reduce meat. Make a visit to the butcher's mandatory for all school and college kids, every year. Post videos of how meat is made starting from poultry or hunting to packaging.

make non-software projects open and public – more and more of them crowdsourced… designing cars, tackling disasters, solving economic and financial problems using modelling and supercomputing.

Remove pharma/medicine patents. Allow alternate disciplines of medicine – natural medicine is chepa and works for a large number of cases which helps divert funds to the real problems.

Education is most important – ethics and values must be taught practically – Only such peopel be allowed to run for govt offices who have more than 100–200 hours of openly recorded (youtube), reviewed (crowdsourcing), and voted (e-voting) constructive social work with a demonstrated ability to innovate and solve real social issues – in short – public voting for candidature of every “representative” if ever representative-democracy continues.

Technical solutions to convert ammunition into more profitable chemicals sugarcane (and probably fast-growing non-food plant) be sourced to produce fuel but with modified engines. Similar technology for weapons-grade nuclear material – high-speed space travel, nuke-to-computing bridge of some kind (pure sci-fi atm) etc.

Better solar wind wave energy solutions.

integration of scientific observations with religious beliefs. a project to reverse the doctoring of history by various peoples on various other peoples.

social games – second-life style.

Second life counterparts of real world prizes – the Nobel, The Ramon Magsaysay, and so on. Prove the Gaia hypothesis. Use popular software and advertising media to spread the message to everyone.

Social advertizing – for sites like freerice.com. Social Ads network with a buzzword-compliant (social networking) angle.

The regular sci-fi + metaphysics movies – more of them needed short, user-edited wiki-style documentaries – flickr, youtube, with collaborative chronicling – like project gutenberg.

Jacobson procedure made part of physical training in primary and secondary school?

MyKarma.com – a virtual God with a bag of karma for distributing karma points for good deeds in social worlds? Complete mapping of man's various behviors to specific species of animal or plant forms that explain why a specific individual behaves in a specific manner in response to specific situations – a site to practise and hone your character skills for standard ethical dilemma sitations – so that people know how to respond in many of their personal life situations by good thought and habit rather than by chance and error as at present.

  • lazy like a cat
  • loyal like a dod
  • timid like a rabbit
  • agile like a bird

why we behave this way and how we should behave when so-and-so situation arises?

A site showing how technological and deft technical solutions can clearly side-step moral dilemma situations and thus solve problems much easier – identifying which particular knowledge or power is needed in addition to preent knowledge to solve current problem – practise things like this on mykarma.com.

Truly global multi-currency micropayments system. Safe money-distribution across national boundaries.

Barter – money is an intelligently manipulatable quanitfiable tool – not so easy to manipulate barter maybe…

Make futurology a compulsory course for technical disciplines

More women in positions of power everywhere and anywhere

Extensive awards and incentives systems for good farming (not high-yield farming). More sewage-to-manure technologies – we're wasting a lot of greeneery by farming animals for food and then flushing it all down the toilets…

The biggest biotech hack of them all – chlorophyll to (very-)low-power electricity. A set of chemical and electrical processes to make a tree a source of instant-on or cheaply obtainable electricity.

The Future Holds Lots of Promise

Because the future is unknown and so far away, it holds many promises and possibilties for us (humans) to dream up ideas (no matter how whacky and outrageous they may be) for the future. The only limit to this exercies is only our imagination.

When principles strike

topic like this enhances one's capability of grasping what the real value of life. One may live a life with principles but the real essence of one's existence is how one celebrates life.

What a thought provoking

What a thought provoking read. I have often contemplated the future of the human race. We have yet to rise above our current consumerist consciousness. Your proposal is revolutionary indeed and needs to be implemented sooner than later. “The meaning of life is a decision,…” is a powerful truth. Thank you for challenging the status quo.

Both the article and the

Both the article and the many comments have given me much to consider. Thanks for posting this article.

Unity as a world is key… Key

Unity as a world is key… Key to ending world hunger… Key to ending environmental disasters… and keep to promoting and ensuring a lasting concept like HFOPI. It can be done, look at the unity manifested during the recent Beijing Olympics, don't tell me it can't be done!

Re: HFOPI overview/presentation

This might just be a work in progress but it looks very promising to me. I hope to hear more about this goodwill project


The idea of a completely socialistic world you have proposed

Your plans fail to take into consideration the following facts:

  1. It is impossible to eliminate basic human instincts (they are what ensures the survival of the species)

Because of that the following conditions apply:

  1. The planet earth and every other planet has a fixed number of resources (humans will always compete for them)
  2. There will always be competition among men and women for mates (it is called the survival instinct)
  3. People would desire to perform as little work as possible ( Why would someone want to be a surgeon instead of building robots, cleaning bathrooms, washing laundry, or preparing food.)

Any civilization that expects to prosper in the long run must recognize the basic instincts inherent in humans and creatively harness those instincts for the common good of mankind. The only other alternative is to alter the DNA of every human to remove those vital instincts that we no longer desire in the species. Doing so would mean the extinction of the human species as it currently exists and the creation of an entirely different entity. Even if that entity still resembles a human, it would not be one. Hence, the end of mankind.

Re: The idea of a completely socialistic world you have proposed

First, forcefully categorizing things into a few dusted categories is not going to help. The proposal here is not to put old wine in new skins but to carefully analyze the benefits and disadvantages of all political systems that have come up in human history and combine their strengths. Within each system – be it capitalism, democracy, socialism, communism or anarchy – one can find at least a single edge it has over the others.

1. It is impossible to eliminate basic human instincts (they are what ensures the survival of the species)

Noone argued about the fact that some aspects of human nature are cast in stone. Reality however is much more differentiated than this broad claim suggests.

1. The planet earth and every other planet has a fixed number of resources (humans will always compete for them)

This is of course a correct assumption. However, the biophysical limits are way beyond todays numbers. A very progressive application of the latest technology could probably feed hundreds of billions of human beings (consider giant fusion-powered underground algae farms). However, we certainly do not want to hit those boundaries. Instead, a good standard of living for 10 billion humans is managable if we introduce an efficient global resource management.

2. There will always be competition among men and women for mates (it is called the survival instinct)

Fair competition within rules is good (it is sometimes called sports too).

3. People would desire to perform as little work as possible ( Why would someone want to be a surgeon instead of building robots, cleaning bathrooms, washing laundry, or preparing food.)

With the upcoming generation of intelligent machines, not much convential work will be left. It is in our very own interest to foresee this development and have strategies at hand to encourage people to invest their time in a way that it yields positive results for the society at large. An occupation with high demands on responsibility – such as a surgeon – obviously deserves an adequate remuneration. The trick is not to pay it out in cash but to, in simple words, upgrade the personal flatrate for the aquisition of goods.

So to sum it up, the task at hand is not to find scenarios that will not work, but to single out those that do and dedicatedly work to realize one of them.

Re: HFOPI overview/presentation

What you are proposing here goes against human nature. How do completely reprogram the human bioform? It's an idealistic view of the way things should be…but not realistic in terms of how things could be. You assume cooperation from all people on earth…sounds great but we won't see it in our lifetimes.

Re: HFOPI overview/presentation

I completely agree with marian mccanles. Your proposal is really against human nature no matter how you look at it. Some things seem good at first but they are not always the proper thing to do for a given situation.

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