Human Future ContractHuman Future Contract

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Work in progress… This site contains content that is in a very early construction phase.

As a conscious being that has hopes and wishes about the future which I hold dear and would like to see fulfilled, I hereby pledge to abide to the following philosophical statements.

  • Reflecting my existence as human being, I acknowledge that the only thing differentiating me from other animals is my capability to think with reason, creativity and complexity, allowing me not only to autonomously act against my subconscious instincts but also to develop and engage in culture.
  • As I want to be respected by others with all my flaws and peculiarities, I myself oblige to think of and treat respectfully any human being – without consideration of origin, religion, physical appearance and sexual orientation.
  • Because I am flawed and my life full of mistakes, I forgive those who antagonize me, will be tolerant of other people's faults and wherever possible will join with them in the struggle against the imperfection of our human nature.
  • Not wanting to be harmed, I also commit myself to the protection of other people's rights and integrity.
  • Although I do have opinions and beliefs I do not want to give up, I take into consideration the possibility of being mistaken and thus accept everyone's freedom of thought, without trying to force my mind set upon them.
  • Benefiting from living within a community, I accept it as my duty to contribute to the common good as much as comfortably possible and take from it not more than necessary.