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World peace procrastination

Work on this project has not stopped – yet, until the current The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement. The HFOPI team is currently investigating how to fuse visions with them and leverage the best of both agendas to bring forward more faster bigger better change.

And until the HFOPI media feed gets launched early next century, here's an exceptional piece of human cognition to keep your gray cells busy:

[MP3] 13MiB 45min Anton Allahar – “Why is the whole world not developed?”

Anton Lawrence Allahar, Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario, on “Why is the whole world not developed?”, aired on TVO Big Ideas Best Lecturer Series Sunday March 1st 2009

Mission Future: Call for Participation

Today, on world food day 2008, six and a half years before 2015, the prospect for realization of the Millennium Development Goals looks dimmer then ever. After the recent market tumbles caused by fundamental flaws in the fabric of our existing capitalistic framework, a lot of people have lost money or even their roof overhead – yet more cannot even afford the minimum amount of food necessary to survive and have lost their confidence and faith in a better future. Social problems of all kinds are on the rise in every region of the world, unsustainable business practices are continuing to speed up climate change and consequently promoting the deterioration of ecosystems around the globe, endangering the very biodiversity that against all odds gave birth to our human race. And even at the beginning of the 21st century, war between human beings is no thing of the past.

The inevitable question arises: do we surrender to what some might think is an inescapable fate – or do we each accept our small share of responsibility and fully exercise our means to counteract these fatal trends? Mankind has reached a crossroads where a tough decision has to be made – for one of only two choices: painful demise or radical transformation. But the window of opportunity is closing slowly – the sooner we choose to attempt the categorical corrections to the ways of our global society, the bigger a chance of success we stand.

This is an invitation to everyone willing to escape from disastrous passivity and unite for a greater good: the engineering of a future that lives up to the essence of our human race: humaneness, creativity, rationality. We can change the world if we really want to – the impossible is only the untried. Welcome to the Human Future Optimization Project International.

Finally: Phase #1 launch date

As we are putting the finishing touches on the backend code (PHP scripting frenzy!!) and consolidating the initial batch of content, the decision finally has been made to open up the project on October 16th. This date has been chosen because since the 35th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1979 it is known as World Food day, therefore representing the main goal and purpose of this project.

Note: We are still looking for skilled PHP developers and graphics & animation artists! If you think you have something to offer ⇒ contact !

Moving right on...

Quick update:
The HFOPI will move to a new dedicated server in the next few days which means we will be offline for a short while. After that, creation of mailing lists and forums should soon follow; the drupal-cck/graphviz integration is still a few weeks off though.

Another important thing:
Because of people continuosly abusing comments on this site for propagation of their commercially oriented websites (SPAM!), we have now hidden the homepage field from the comments.

This is not a warehouse for travel insurances and dog food, seriously.

Status update: delays delays delays...

To get straight to the point: everyone behind the scenes here at the HFOPI is very sorry about the lack of updates and the delay of phase I.

While the modules for handling forum/mailing list synchronization are largely functional and the multilangual framework is in a usable state, the technical issues regarding the implementation of the dynamic graph generation module have revealed as real obstacle. Although a lot of the needed functionality is working, the decision to expose it via CCK / Views has complicated things a lot and is currently hindering progress. Both of these modules have no official stable release for Drupal 6 yet, and besides the fluctuations (and lack of documentation) in the API, a fundamental feature (“multi-value CCK combo fields”) for the actual linking of nodes to each other is not yet implemented. So basically, we have a completed car – missing its transmission system to actually put the engine power on the wheels.

So if you are a highly skilled Drupal/PHP coder and want to help us with this rather complicated task, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For all others, please accept our apologies, we hope to move on to phase I within the next two months.

Concluding, an example trying to show why a structured graph is useful in analyzing complex causal relationships and multi-faceted potential solutions.

»Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.«

..loosely translates to ›Mountains are in labor… only to give birth to a ridiculous mouse‹, a quote from Horace's Ars Poetica. Getting that the pdf toolkit. So steps to make reasonable sized PDF from an Inkscape document were:

  • save as PS in Inkscape
  • ps2pdf14 -sPAPERSIZE=a4
  • pdftk flyer.pdf cat 1E output flyer_rotated.pdf

Now the PDF size is 500KiB, an award for anyone who can stuff it into less bytes while keeping landscape orientation.

A change that probably matters more is the addition of a TODO page listing the steps that remain to be taken up to realization of the new world order. Any support with current phase #0 is of course greatly appreciated.

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